Choosing the design you want for your new piece can be overwhelming, but, with Shauntiques, it’s the most fun part of the process! Please feel free to browse through my GALLERY page for ideas, and to see the different types of work I do.

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The Diary

District Delving: Design District Part 3

OK, so let’s dig right in to my final post about the Design District in Dallas. I visited the Uncommon Market and Lost Again Antiques Decor before I left the area. They were very different in the types of items they carry, but both locations had so much to offer, depending on that you might be looking for.

Services/The Process


  • Basics: Piece cleaning, prepping and the like: $1.50/sq ft
  • Basic Painting(solid color and seal): $2/sq ft.
  • Specialty Painting (textures, glazing, color blending, drybrushing): $2.50/sq ft
  • Treatments (German smear, lime paint, faux leather, etc,): $2.75/sq ft
  • Cabinets: $2-4/sq ft (depending on styling requested)
  • Stripping & restaining: $2-3/sq ft

The Process

Once you choose Shauntiques to work on a project for you, “The Process” begins. It’s a simple process, and doesn’t take too much time to complete. I’ll work with you each step of the way until we have a design you’ll love. Click here to read more about how things work once you hire Shauntiques.


I’ve done hundreds of pieces by now, so there are too many to post, but here are a few of my favorites. If you have a particular style in mind, please, just ask me. I may have an example of that style on a piece I’ve done that’s simply not featured here.