Happy Mother’s Day!

Sending this, Mom, 
Especially to say 
Wishing you a happy 
And wonderful day… 
And to tell you this day 
Will always be one 
For remembering the many 
Sweet things you have done! 

As I’m away from home this year, I’m left with leaning on memories to celebrate this Mother’s day. The mind is a funny thing, pulling up this and that as you reflect a specific individual. Focusing my thoughts toward my mother brings a flood of emotion. The first memory that popped into my head when I thought of her today was when I was really small, maybe 4.

My mother came and took me to dairy queen. I remember feeling really excited because I got to pick out a treat from the freezer. I chose some star-shaped popsicle that was yellowish green. We went to the counter and got our food to go, then my mother drove me up the street to the park. There was one of the parks in Midland where all the playground equipment was a dark, hunter green. That’s the one she took me to. We ate and then she played with me on the swings and seesaw and that thing you get onto and spin…can’t remember what you call those. After a little bit, she took me back to my grandparents house, gave me a hug and kiss and said she had to go back to work and she would come to pick me up later.

Now why, that specific memory popped out, I don’t know. What I do know, is that it reminded me of how important spending time with me was and still is important to my mom because she loves me and loves being with me. She always has, and when my mom loves you, you know you’re special.

My mother is truly one of the strongest people I know. When life shoves her down, she stands up and shoves it right back. I’m proud of her for the courage she’s had throughout the many hardships she’s faced in life thus far. I’m proud of her for the hard work she did in trying to raise the best way she knew how. I’m happy to see that she has regained her independence after a divorce and is making her way on her own again. She’s taught me so many lessons, counting them seems impossible. Each of them has served me well in life, and so I find them to be invaluable.

Mothers’ love, time, devotion and wisdom are irreplaceable things. We often take them for granted until our mother’s aren’t around. This mother’s day, even if you are far away from your mother, I hope you’ll reach out and let her know how much she is loved even from far away. You only get one mother so, do like Mr. T says, and treat her right! Lol. My sister-in-law sent me the video below earlier today, enjoy!

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