District Delving: Bishop Arts District Part 1

Hi everyone! Now that things have settled down a bit since the move, I’ve had time to start exploring a bit. I set out to see what I could find concerning the vintage/antique store industry in the areas surrounding my new home in Duncanville, TX. This post is part one of my District Delving series documenting my exploration of a few of the amazing areas that the Dallas Metroplex has to offer. The Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff was my first stop. I’d heard about the area before, and I couldn’t wait to explore it once we moved. As soon as I pulled up, I could tell it was fascinating. I was blown away by all the artwork and design literally covering every other building.

I have been hunting for a place to set up a booth for myself and also to get a general grasp on what sort of vintage/antique stores are around and what they have to offer. I originally journeyed to the Bishop Arts District in search of one particular store: M’antiques. I had little trouble finding it and I was very glad I did.


M’antiques caught my eye when I was searching for vintage/antique stores because of it’s name. The shop is called M’antiques because the types of things you’ll find inside are mostly geared towards men and nostalgic pieces for them in general. The shop itself isn’t big, but what is lacks in size it makes up for with the countless number of amazing items to be found nestled into every nook and cranny.

I went on a Saturday and found it packed to the gills with customers. There was no reason to wonder why, as I spent quite a bit of time myself slowly making my way through, taking everything in. There were vintage tools and tins, large industrial pieces, signs and even a set of armor. I tucked it away in my mind as a place to come back to find a gift for the men in my life who collect and appreciate presents that have history. I’ll definitely go back in the future to see what new things arrive from time to time. It’s definitely worth a look if you happen to be in the area.

Once I wandered out of M’antiques, I found a whole host of other stores that grabbed my attention. before I knew it, I’d been in the Bishop Arts district for a couple of hours without even realizing it. There was so much to do and see! I’ll be talking about the rest of the things I found in my next post, District Delving: Bishop Arts District Part 2.

Stay tuned, and subscribe to my blog if you want to keep up to date and learn more about my exploring adventures. That’s all for now; catch you next time!

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