District Delving: Bishop Arts District Part 2

Alright Folks!

It’s time for part two of my “District Delving” series. I headed into the Bishop Arts District in the Oak Cliff area of the Dallas Metroplex. I got lost in the area for a couple of hours before I knew it because there was so much to take in. The streets are dense with shops, bars, restaurants, art displays, barber shops, and all kinds of other things. Not everywhere would allow me to take pictures, but I took plenty in the places that did. The Bishop Arts District is definitely one of the “places to be” in the Dallas area. I know I will want to be there often.

Bishop Street Market

I really had a good time wandering around in Bishop Street Market. It’s one of those places where you walk in and get lost because, as as you go back further, you just keep seeing more and more cool items. There was a mixture of everything you could want: clothing, jewelry, home decor, books, you name it. It’s another awesome place to stop in and grab a gift for someone or for yourself!

This book stopped me dead in my tracks! The title alone pulled me over in it’s direction, and once I read what it was about, I couldn’t stop laughing! Lol. Now, I don’t have kids, so I don’t know a thing about parenting, but even so, I thought this was pretty funny. The author definitely knew how make their title stand out from the crowd! I just noticed in the bottom right corner there’s another funny title talking about traumatizing children…wonder if they’re from the same author. The entire store was full of unique, interesting things like this, large and small.

My picks:

I found a couple of things to add onto my own personal wishlist in this shop as well! (Hope my husband reads this post!) These coasters were so unique and different from any I’ve ever seen, with their bright colors and textures and designs. I’m also always up for another cool wine chilling glass.

I’ll definitely have to go back sometime to look through this shop again. Onto the next!


A local shop called Dirt, drew me in with their super cute, mini succulent arrangements sitting on racks just outside their shop. I went inside and found not only succulent arrangements, but a full floral shop as well. I wanted to spend more time inside, but the store was quite crowded, with it being the Saturday before Mother’s day when I popped in.

I can’t wait to go back and grab a few succulent planters for my house. I’m a little bit obsessed with succulents, so that might be a good or a bad thing…not quite sure yet, lol. I’ll try not to go overboard. They had the cutest planters, though! I always try making little arrangements on my own, but this shop has it down to a science. Every one of them are just ready and waiting for you to take them home!

AJ Vagabonds

I’m not generally an outdoorsy type individual, but after walking around in AJ Vagabonds, I started thinking about how much fun it’d be to pick up a few things and head out on a trail for some hiking, or camping, any sort of outdoor adventure. This shop was all about being genuine and exploring the world around you. There were lots of travel books, camping gear and t-shirts, camel packs, and just about everything else you would need for an outdoor trip. I was drawn to the shop by a group of people staring at the unique set of lawn chairs they had out front. There was literally “a bit of lawn” on each chair:

The store made me think of my little sister, Chelcee. She’s the adventurous one between the two of us, especially concerning traveling. She’s always up for a trip and loves taking in the world around her. I saw so many things that she and many other of my friends would enjoy, and I wished they were there with me to see them.

And that’s it thus far, for my adventures into the Bishop Arts District. I will go back in the future when I have more time and I’m not looking for specific things. That way, I can just go on a day I have nothing else to do and spend as much time as I like there to see everything. There were several restaurants and some branch of the Bishop Cider Co. and plenty of other places I wanted to go see, but I was on a time constraint. All in all, this is a wonderful area to hang out in if you’re in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas.

Stay tuned for my next three posts. I moved on to the Design District in Dallas after I finished up at Bishop Arts. Feel free to subscribe if you want to stay in the loop and get these posts delivered straight to your inbox.

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