District Delving: Design District Part 1

Lots of Furniture Antiques Warehouse, White Elephant antiques and Lula B’s

After spending time in the Bishop Arts District, and finding so much culture and art there, I felt that there was definitely a market for the type of work I do with my furniture refinishing company. I know that there is a place for me, I just need to find it in the vast region of large and small businesses in the DFW area. There seems to be room enough for everyone, but finding your spot might take some time. With that attitude in mind, I started delving into the Design District central Dallas (Dallas Proper, as some like to say).

If you’re new to my blog, let me catch you up just a bit. I recently moved myself and my refinishing company to the Dallas area from Midland, TX. I’m unpacked most of the way, so now I have time to look around the area to see what’s currently available in the Dallas vintage and antique furniture industry. I’m investigating to understand how things work here and find a place to set up shop with a booth/showroom for my company, Shauntiques. I’m documenting this process with you and other readers in a series of blog posts called: District Delving.

I have more specifics in mind as I visit shops and storefronts in the design district. I am looking for a place where I feel that my furniture items will stand out, but not stick out like a sore thumb. There are so many to choose from, but some I was able eliminate right away by searching for the types and styles of furniture that I usually work on and find to fix up. I compiled a list of my favorites and set out to start visiting them to have a look around.

The Design District is big and fabulous, in my opinion. There are vintage and antique furniture warehouses, Designer art and furniture stores, event decor services, and design studios. I liked the way it was set up, like the Bishop Arts district with more of the types of stores I was looking for. You can often park at one place and simply walk down the street to see all of your options. I started on Riverfront Boulevard in Dallas to see three places: Lots of Furniture Antiques Warehouse, White Elephant Antiques and Lula B’s.

Lots of Furniture Antiques Warehouse

Lots of Furniture Warehouse definitely lives up to it’s name. There is so much furniture in this large warehouse, I’m not sure that I actually saw everything it had to offer. I saw a wide array of pieces from all kinds of different eras with a wide range of prices, from low to high. You can spend as little or as much as you like, but one thing is for certain: there is no way you can walk throughout this warehouse and not find SOMETHING that you’d like to have. I really liked the fact that, in addition to having so many antique pieces to choose from, there was also s large selection architectural pieces. Huge pillars, giant doors and wrought iron pieces, corbels, fireplace surrounds and mantels; everything you need to add character and class to your home is likely to be found tucked away somewhere in this furniture warehouse. I absolutely loved it. I will be stopping in for future visits when I can, to gather things for my home, for staging items and decor.

All of the pieces in the Lots of Furniture Antiques Warehouse looked to be authentic heirlooms in mint condition. That being the case, it wasn’t an option as I was looking for in my hunt to find a showroom for my pieces. It IS an option to refer clients to when they are looking for genuine antiques to add style to their home, no matter their budget.

White Elephant Antiques

White Elephant Antiques is definitely a contender on the list of places I’ll keep in mind for setting up a booth/showroom. I really liked the feel as I walked into the shop. It’s a large building with booths. I felt very welcome and at home as I entered. Each of the vendors in this store has a different spin, and each had unique interesting pieces in a wide range of prices. I saw retro, vintage, eclectic, industrial, antique, refinished, repurposed and modern designed pieces. I like variety, and White elephant antiques certainly has that.

Lula B’s West

A large smile spread across my face as I walked through Lula B’s West. It reminded me very much of home. I had a booth in Midland, TX at a store called Vintage Deluxe, and Lula B’s reminded me of it so very much. It’s bright and cheery inside, with a relaxed feel; lots of people chatting and having a great time as they walk around to see what new things there are to purchase. Music plays, and each booth is different and packed out with furniture and smalls. I meant to take more pictures, but I kept getting distracted with different items that I thought I might like to get a closer look at. That was definitely a good sign. Then, I wound up chatting with a store associate and getting the scoop on the fact that Lula B’s has a second location and I was given details about setting up. I liked it very much, and I would recommend everyone stop by and check in frequently, as their vendors change out inventory on the regular. Lula B’s and White Elephant antiques were very similar, but also very different in their own ways.


So then, to recap, so far, I really like both Lula B’s West and White Elephant Antiques concerning setting up a showroom. I loved the Lots of Furniture warehouse for an entirely different reason (the variety and quality of pieces available for myself and clients to find what they need/want).

I saw several other stores in the Design District. It’s a very large area. These were the first three. To see the other places I explored in this district, please subscribe to my blog. Updates will come directly to your inbox as I release them weekly. District Delving: Design District Part 2 is on the way soon!

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