District Delving: Design District Part 3

OK, so let’s dig right in to my final post about the Design District in Dallas. I visited the Uncommon Market and Lost Again Antiques Decor before I left the area. They were very different in the types of items they carry, but both locations had so much to offer, depending on that you might be looking for.

Uncommon market

The Uncommon Market is huge warehouse full of marvelous antique furniture and decor, including hundreds of lighting options. I spoke with a store rep when I was looking around, and was informed that almost all of their inventory is brought over from Europe. I found the store flowed well. It was broken into different sections. To one side, there were more antique furniture pieces and decor items. On the other side, there were more industrial items. The ceiling throughout the building was covered in unique chandeliers. I wanted so many things! Haha!

This store was not a contender for my setting up a showroom for my small business, because that’s obviously not what they do. Still, it was so fun to look around, I forgot that’s what I was looking for anyway. All of their antique pieces were pristine, and ready to purchase. No need to fix anything up, you could just pick it out and go. I poked around for about 45 minutes before I knew it, just taking everything in. There was a good mix of large and small items, and I feel like the store has so many options, that anyone could find a few things they’d like to have.

If you’re a fan of pristine antiques or industrial design pieces, this is the place for you. I didn’t see anything that had been modified in any way. You could tell that, on the items that did have paint, it was the original finish, beautifully aged over time. I feel it had higher end prices, but the prices are justified in my opinion, because of the wonderful condition the pieces are in. I definitely recommend this place.


Lost Again Antiques And Decor is on the list of places I will be contacting to request a booth/showroom for my business. The staff was super friendly, there was a wide mix of style in the booths from each vendor and there’s a ton of cheery, natural light coming in from the big windows up front. I took lots of pics, so, please, enjoy:

I loved the feel I got when I was walking around this place. Everywhere I turned, something caught my eye. The price range varies: some things were high end, others, not so much, which I like. It was a very inviting space. I liked the fact there were some eclectic style pieces here and there in the store. I don’t do it often, but every now and then, I come up with something funky to do or make, and I don’t like to have to worry about whether or not it’ll be welcome at my booth.

I’ll keep you all posted on where I finally choose to set up my booth, once I get all the information from each place to make an informed decision that works best for me. You should pop into Lost Again Antiques though, if you’re in the area. The staff is very welcoming and willing to help with whatever you need.

Up Next

All right, so that’s it for my District Delving adventures thus far. My next series of blog posts will be snippets from the ebook I’m working on: Shauntiques Beginner’s Guide to Refinishing Furniture. Stay tuned! I should have posts on that coming next week!

I’m also about to redo the vintage piano I’ve been dragging around with me since forever. Chad and I have moved this thing around 5 times in the last 8 years we’ve been married…lol. Once, my father-in-law even hoisted up onto the balcony with a forklift to get it into our upstairs apartment! I considered selling it but I just can’t let go of it because it’s the one I learned to play on. I’ll be posting video clips and articles about that as I move through the process of taking it from drab to fab, so subscribe if you want to see it from start to finish. Thanks!

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